Terms and Conditions

1.     Agents must register with Nafyana. We will email a form which needs to be filled in and emailed back to us.

2.     Once registration has been approved, agents can start purchasing from us from our studio, boutique or online (

3.     For online purchases, we will provide an agent code which needs to be entered every purchase.

4.     Agents must sell the products according to the authorized retail price set by Nafyana.

5.     Agents are not allowed to mark-up the price without permission of Nafyana. Agents will be informed when Nafyana conduct special promotions in which case agents can also implement the sale price if they would like to.

6.     Agents must keep to the minimum purchase required monthly.

7.     Nafyana reserve the right to ammend terms and condition at any time and agents will abide by the most recent version.


Types of Agents

There are 2 types of agent

1.     Dropship Agent

a.    No stock or capital needed

b.    Nafyana will provide images for agents to promote and sell products on agent’s blog, social media etc.

c.     Once agent receives an order from customer, agents can make the purchase from Nafyana via email, online order or walk in.

d.    Nafyana will post the product directly to agent’s customer with agent’s details as sender.

e.    Postage for all orders within Malaysia are free. For International customers, please check our delivery rate from



2.     Normal Agent

a.    There are 2 packages. (Please see Rates)

b.    Agents will need to purchase stocks from Nafyana via email, online or walk in.

c.     Nafyana will provide necessary images for agents to promote products.




Agents can purchase the products based on package as per below:


a)    Dropship Agent – No minimum quantity required. 15% off retail price

b)    Agent Package A – Purchase 10 pieces min of any design monthly - 25% off retail price

c)     Agent Package B – Purchase 20 pieces min of any design monthly - 30% off retail price

d)    Agent Package C- Purchase 50 pieces min of any design monthly – 35% off retail price



Nafyana will conduct all advertising and promotional activities through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Website and etc. We will announce and promote the authorized agent through social media. The Agent will participate in all advertising and promotional activities as directed by us and shall fully cooperate. If Agents run their own promotion, Agents should not make unrealistic products and income claims to the public.